The first CD "33" is a perfectly balanced mixture of ethno, classic, jazz and minimal music.
Attention - potential for addiction!

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Komponist Nathan Kolosko, August 2012:
„I think there is some very fine playing in your recording!“

Komponist Miroslav Loncar, August 2012:
„… I am very glad that your duo recorded ‚Who Is Eve‘.
Congratulations on your CD and on the interpretation of the piece!
I always like to hear how different artists feel the mood, tempo, and expression,
and I like how you personalized the piece and what you did with it …“

Komponist Goran Ivanovic, July 2012:
„Thanks for playing my tune ‚Lament‘.
Sounds lovely the way you played! ...“

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Release-Info "33"

Release-Date 2012
Label Klangbouquet
Performers Karin Zimmermann,
Franz Helfersdorfer
Instruments Tobias Braun
Production Heinrich Mader
Design Andrej Waldegg
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