Fanz Helfersdorfer


- Studies at the Vienna Conservatory and the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna
- Studies of basso continuo with Luciano Contini
- Participation in master courses directed by Leo Brouwer (Cuba) and Alvaro Pierri (Uruguay)
- Teaching activity at the music school in St. Pölten (Lower Austria) since 1990

Franz Helfersdorfer Foto: Gernot Ebenlechner


- Solo and chamber music recitals
- Since 2007 together with Karin Zimmermann in the Danube Guitar Duo
- Radio, television and CD productions in Austria and abroad
- World premieres of pieces by the composers Leo Brauneis, Wolfram Wagner, Gyeong-Ju Chae u.a.

Discography & Recordings

- Contributions to commercial and film music
- 1994 production of the CD „Ein Eisbär am Äquator“ (guitar & voice)
- 2002 production of the Solo-CD „Quatre Tombeaux“
- 2003 contribution to the ORF CD production „Pulkauer Adventkalender“
- 2004 production of the Solo-CD „Klangbouquet“
- 2005 production of the Solo-CD „Bouquet Espagnol“
- 2007 production of the Solo-CD „Bouquet Viennois“
- 2010 production of the Solo-CD „Let it BEATLE“
- 2012 production of the Danube Guitar Duo–CD „33“


Concert literature arranged by Franz Helfersdorfer:

Franz Burkhart (1902-1978)
- Vier Choralvorspiele für Gitarre, Verlag Doblinger 05 968, Wien 2005
- Suite I für Gitarre solo in D-Dur, Verlag Doblinger 05 969, Wien 2005
- Suite II für Gitarre solo in A-Moll, Verlag Doblinger 05 970, Wien 2005

Wolfram Wagner (*1962)
- Variationssuite für Gitarre, Verlag Doblinger 35 911, Wien 2003

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