Karin Zimmermann


- Graduate of the BRG/BORG St. Pölten with special focus on music
- Master's degree of financial and actuarial mathematics at the Technical University of Vienna
- 1997-2013 guitar lessons at the local music school in St. Pölten with Franz Helfersdorfer
- Attendance of Master courses directed by Joszef Eötvös (Hungary) and Aniello Desiderio (Italy)
- Repeated awardee of the competition „Prima La Musica“
- In 2006 Recognition Award „Youngster of Arts“ of St. Pölten

Karin Zimmermann Foto: Gernot Ebenlechner


- Participation in ORF productions („Licht ins Dunkel“, „NÖ heute“)
- Solo and chamber music recitals
- Since 2007 together with Franz Helfersdorfer in the Danube Guitar Duo

Discography & Recordings

- 2011 Solo contribution to the CD „50 Jahre Musikschule der Stadt St. Pölten“
- 2012 Production of the Danube Guitar Duo–CD „33“

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